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ART 346K ART 346K. Intermediate Life Drawing. 3 Hours.

Restricted to studio art and visual art studies majors. Advanced problems in drawing and construction of the human figure. Six laboratory hours a week for one semester. May be taken twice for credit. May be repeated for credit. Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: Studio Art 316K with a grade of at least C.

ARH 346K ARH 346K. Introduction to African Art. 3 Hours.

Same as African and African Diaspora Studies 335E. Investigates the lives and works of several artists who have made substantial contributions to the definition, history, and interpretation of the visual arts. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: African and African Diaspora Studies 335E, 374F (Topic 11), Art History 346K, 373C (Topic: Introduction to African Art), 374 (Topic: Introduction to African Art).