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ART 358C ART 358C. Transmedia: Digital Time-Art III. 3 Hours.

Advanced study in video, sound, and animation with an emphasis on individual research reflecting students' artistic goals. Six laboratory hours a week for one semester. May be taken three times for credit. May be repeated for credit. Offered on the letter-grade basis only.

Bachelor of Fine Arts


All students must complete the University’s  Core Curriculum . In the process of fulfilling the core curriculum and other degree requirements, all students are expected to complete the Skills and Experience flags:

Bachelor of Science in Communication and Leadership


...353S , 372K ; Journalism 331M , 358C Social Issues. Twelve...mathematics, visual and performing arts, and science and...

Degrees and Programs


...or visual and performing arts requirements, or BBA...355 , ACC 356 , ACC 358C , and ACC 359...