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BIO 301M BIO 301M. Ecology, Evolution, and Society. 3 Hours.

Designed for nonscience majors. Introduction to environmental adaptations, diversity of organisms, species interactions, organization and processes of communities, population growth and limitations, evolution and population genetics, origin of life, and human impact on the environment. Three lecture hours and one discussion hour a week for one semester. Biology 301M and 311D may not both be counted. Biology 301E and 301M may not both be counted. May not be counted toward a degree in the College of Natural Sciences, except for the Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences.

Appendix A: Texas Common Course Numbering System


...BIOL 1307 BIO 311D 2 BIOL 1308 BIO 301L 2 BIOL 1309 BIO 301M 2...