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Bachelor of Science in Textiles and Apparel

Undergraduate being conducted in bio-based fibers and...362T , 362D , 363D , 363T , 366D , 367D , 368D , 376R...

CH 366D CH 366D. Bio-inorganic Chemistry and Spectroscopy. 3 Hours.

Covers the roles of transition metals in biology, mostly with respect to protein structure, function, and catalysis. Also covers methods of spectroscopy that are used to probe the geometrical and electronic structure of metal ions in proteins. Exposure to modern areas of study in bio-inorganic chemistry. Explores the principles of transition metal chemistry in the context of biological systems. Three lecture hours a week for one semester Chemistry 366D and 368 (Topic: Bio-inorganic Chemistry) may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Chemistry 431 with a grade of at least C-.

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