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Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering



The Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering is introduced in this catalog as a replacement for the two Electrical Engineering degrees offered in past catalogs. Students pursuing those degrees should refer to the appropriate earlier catalog for degree requirements. ABET accreditation for the new degree is planned and is expected to be requested during this catalog cycle.  

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry



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M E 364D M E 364D. Intermediate Dynamics. 3 Hours.

Focuses on efficient formulation and solution of equations of motion for complex 3D multi-body mechanical systems. Emphasizes the formulation of the dynamical equations of motion using Kane's method and will use symbolic and numerical simulation techniques (MATLAB(R) and MotionGenesis) to solve these equations. Preparation for advanced research and professional work analyzing the dynamics of complex multi-body mechanical systems. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Mechanical Engineering 364D and 379M (Topic: Intermediate Dynamics) may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing and the following courses with a grade of at least a C-: Mechanical Engineering 314D or equivalent and 318M or equivalent.