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E E 312H E E 312H. Software Design and Implementation I. 3 Hours.

Basic problem solving, design, and implementation techniques for imperative programming; structured programming in the C/C++ language; programming idioms; introduction to software design principles, including modularity, coupling and cohesion; introduction to software engineering tools; elementary data structures; asymptotic analysis. Three lecture hours and one recitation hour a week for one semester. Electrical Engineering 312 and 312H may not both be counted. Prerequisite: The following coursework with a grade of at least B in each: Biomedical Engineering 306 or Electrical Engineering 306 or 306H; Electrical Engineering 319K or 319H, or registration for Electrical Engineering 319H.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition


...States: one flagged course e. Ethics: one flagged...coursework: Nutrition 312 or 312H , 112L or 312R...

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


...States: one flagged course e. Ethics: one flagged...reasoning flag) b. Accounting 312H (may fulfill the...

Minor and Certificate Programs


...s) required for the minor (i.e. Accounting 312 / 312H , Finance 357 / 357H , Management 336...

Bachelor of Science in Public Health


...States: one flagged course e. Ethics: one flagged...physiology: Nutrition 312 or 312H , 112L , and Biology...