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E E 362R E E 362R. Renewable Energy and Power Systems. 3 Hours.

Introduction to renewable energy sources and their integration into power systems. Includes wind energy: resources, turbines, blades, rotor power characteristics, generators, active and reactive power, variability, and voltage regulation; solar energy: resources, solar radiation measurements, photovoltaic materials and properties, photovoltaic electrical characteristics, and system integration; and demonstrations with commercial-grade solar panels and laboratory-scale wind turbines. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Electrical Engineering 362R and 379K (Topic: Renewable Energy and Power Systems) may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Electrical Engineering 313 with a grade of at least C-.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


Students seeking the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering pursue one of two curricula—electrical engineering or computer engineering. Both curricula contain the fundamentals of electrical engineering and computer engineering; they differ in technical core requirements in order to suit different career objectives.