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E E 411 E E 411. Circuit Theory. 4 Hours.

Capacitance and inductance; first- and second-order transient circuit response, including operational amplifier circuits; sinusoidal steady state analysis; Bode plots; complex power in single and balanced three-phase systems; transformers; two-port networks (Z-parameters and Y-parameters); and computer-aided analysis and design. Three lecture hours and two recitation hours a week for one semester. Prerequisite: Electrical Engineering 302 or 302H with a grade of at least C-; credit with a grade of at least C- or registration for Mathematics 427J or 427K, and Physics 303L and 103N.

Chapter 3. Financial Aid

General Information letter or by e-mail within ten...for Appeals Sec. 3-411. Hearing Record Subchapter...

Appendix A: Texas Common Course Numbering System


...2302 E M 311M ENGR 2305 E E...408M MATH 2418 M 411 1,4 MATH...

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


...353 , 367 d. Electrical Engineering 411 , 325 , 360C , 362K e. Physics 329 , 336K , 352K Courses...