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GEO 316P GEO 316P. Sedimentary Rocks. 3 Hours.

Registration priority given to petroleum and geosystems engineering majors and Energy and Management Certificate Program students. Examines the fundamentals of sedimentary rocks, including siliciclastic grain parameters and mineralogy, sediment transport and sedimentary structures; and carbonate mineralogy and geochemistry, grain and matrix constituents, modern facies, and classification. Reviews the principal siliciclastic and carbonate depositional systems, their process of formation and facies architecture and the role of process and architecture in petrophysical patterns, distribution of permeability and porosity, flow units, reservoir heterogeneities, and hydrocarbon recovery. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May not be counted toward any degree in environmental science or geological sciences. Prerequisite: Geological Sciences 401, 303, or 420H with a grade of at least C-.