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N 495T N 495T. DNP Clinical Leadership Specialization Seminar and Practicum I. 4 Hours.

Identification of a clinical leadership specialization interest by the Doctor of Nursing Practice student beginning in the second semester of the program. The clinical specialization focus includes identification of evidence-based strategies for implementing and achieving health care outcomes, such as a significant pilot study, a program evaluation project, a quality improvement project, a policy analysis, or a practice change initiative. The student is required to submit an individualized practicum proposal and objectives for the practicum experience. For 395T, one lecture and eight laboratory hours a week for one semester; for 495T, one lecture and twelve laboratory hours a week for one semester; for 595T, one lecture and sixteen laboratory hours a week for one semester. Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: Graduate standing; Nursing 395E, 395F, and 395G.