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N 495V N 495V. DNP Clinical Leadership Specialization Seminar and Practicum III. 4 Hours.

Implementation of a significant pilot study, a program evaluation project, a quality improvement project, a policy analysis, or a practice change initiative in an identified area of clinical leadership specialization. Implementation strategies include incorporation of the most recent evidence-based practice in the management of patient care within an interdisciplinary practice model, utilization of evidence-based research in the clinical management of individuals, families, and communities as well as experience in leadership and systems analysis in complex organizations, managing interdisciplinary teams, and developing and implementing quality improvement projects and evidence-based management systems to improve patient, population and health systems outcomes. The student is required to submit an individualized practicum proposal and objectives for the practicum experience. For 395V, one lecture hour and eight laboratory hours a week for one semester; for 495V, one lecture hour and twelve laboratory hours a week for one semester; for 595V, one lecture hour and sixteen laboratory hours a week for one semester. Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: Graduate standing; Nursing 395E, 395F, 395G, and 395U or 495U or 595U.