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SDS 334 SDS 334. Intermediate Statistical Methods. 3 Hours.

Introduction to applied regression analysis. Explore estimation and inference in multiple regression models; logistic regression; regression for count data; time-to-event models; and case studies in regression modeling in published work, emphasizing both the use and limitations of regression modeling in advancing scientific knowledge. The equivalent of three lecture hours a week for one semester. Prerequisite: Statistics and Data Sciences 431 with a grade of at least C-; Mathematics 340L or 341 or Statistics and Data Sciences 329C with a grade of at least C-; and Computer Science 303E or 312 with a grade of at least C-.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science



...history: Geography 323K , 331K , 334 , 336C , 339K , 340D...in statistics chosen from SDS 320E and 321...

Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Data Science



...Statistics and Data Science (SDS) provides students with...Statistics and Data Sciences 334 , Intermediate Statistical Methods...