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Appendix J: Prohibition of Campus Violence

General Information

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is free from threatening and violent behavior. Such behavior while on University owned or controlled property, or while engaged in official University business, will not be tolerated. The University encourages students, faculty, staff, visitors and contractors to promptly report any emergency or crime to University Police (UTPD). The University will respond promptly, positively, and aggressively to deal with threatening and violent behavior.

Chapter 13. Speech, Expression, and Assembly

General Information

...forms of harassment violate the Prohibition of Campus Violence, Policy 8-1010, in the Handbook...

Chapter 11. Student Discipline and Conduct

General Information

...interpersonal violence (including domestic violence and dating violence...the campus or off of the campus when...



...Innovation Topic 23: Gun Violence and Physicians Topic...Medical Education Committee. Off-campus rotations will need...

Chapter 6. Student Organizations

General Information

...interpersonal violence (including domestic violence and dating violence...such as "campus" or "Texas campus" or [name...

Student Conduct Policies


...interpersonal violence (domestic violence and dating violence), stalking...that person is on campus, or who allegedly...

Appendix I: Nondiscrimination Policy

General Information

...Activities, Appendix I , (Nondiscrimination Policy) Prohibition of Campus Violence, HOP 8-1010 University Faculty and...

Office of the Dean of Students

General Information effort to build campus morale, bridge peer...confidential advocates for interpersonal violence concerns. Student Emergency...

Counseling and Mental Health Center

General Information

...mindfulness. The Voices Against Violence Program provides clinical...change strategies and strategic campus partnerships. CMHC clinical...


General Information

...I Nondiscrimination Policy APPENDIX J Prohibition of Campus Violence APPENDIX K Student Travel Policy for...

University Health Services

General Information

...promotion of a healthy campus. The medical staff...promotion, healthy sexuality, interpersonal violence prevention, active living...

Steve Hicks School of Social Work


...Philosophy For More Information Campus address: School of...diversity; domestic and community violence; gerontology; families, children...

Chapter 12. Counseling and Mental Health Center

General Information

...traumatic events impacting the campus and provides consultation...regarding suicide prevention, interpersonal violence, resilience, well-being...

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