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AET 376 AET 376. Game Capstone: 2-D. 3 Hours.

Work in small teams from different disciplines to develop 2D games. Hours to be arranged. Only one of the following may be counted: Arts and Entertainment Technologies 376, Computer Science 354S, 378 (Topic: Game Devel Capstone: 2D Games), Music 354S, 376J (Topic: Game Devel Capstone: 2D Games), Theatre and Dance 354T (Topic 17), Radio-Television-Film 344N (Topic 6), 344T (Topic 1). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing and consent of instructor based on portfolio submission.

Bachelor of Science in Arts and Entertainment Technologies



All students must complete the University’s Core Curriculum . In the process of fulfilling the core curriculum and other degree requirements, all students are expected to complete the Skills and Experience flags:

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