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AFR 340D AFR 340D. Apartheid: South African History. 3 Hours.

Same as History 364P and Women's and Gender Studies 340 (Topic 42). A study of the social, political, economic, and cultural history of South Africa to contextualize the rise of apartheid. Primarily focuses on the period since 1948 from the perspectives of women, children, and men of all racial backgrounds who lived through that particular period. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: African and African Diaspora Studies 340D, 374C (Topic: Apartheid: South African History), 374C (Topic 6), History 364G (Topic: Apartheid: South African History), 364G (Topic 6), 364P, Women's and Gender Studies 340 (Topic: Apartheid: South African History), 340 (Topic 42). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.