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AFR 340N AFR 340N. African Queer Studies. 3 Hours.

Same as Women's and Gender Studies 335 (Topic 3). Examines the development of African queer studies as the interdisciplinary study of sexuality on the African continent, and its impact on the academic and activist realm. Focus on intersectional feminist and queer theory and how this field offers tools that can be used to rethink issues of oppression and domination in relationship to race, nation, sex, gender, and sexuality on the African continent. Of particular interest will be LGBTQ activism and the ways in which queer Africans engage and shape their sexuality, and create forms of belonging in their countries and their communities. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: African and African Diaspora Studies 340N, 372G (Topic 7), Women's and Gender Studies 335 (Topic 3). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.