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AMS 321W AMS 321W. Memories of War. 3 Hours.

Same as European Studies 346 (Topic 42), German, Scandinavian, and Dutch Studies 362D, and Government 362S. Consider the ways the wars of the twentieth and twenty-first century are being remembered in Germany and the United States - from poems, novels and films to monuments and the controversial debates about military conflicts that the two countries have been involved in. Utilize theories of social memory, and concepts of individual and social mourning, to analyze how war affects individual lives, how societies mourn, and how remembering war impacts national identity and politics. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: American Studies 321 (Topic: Memories of War), 321W, European Studies 346 (Topic: Memories of War), 346 (Topic 42), German, Scandinavian, and Dutch Studies 360 (Topic: Memories of War), 362D, Government 362S. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.