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ANS 361F ANSĀ 361F. Ethnic Politics in Taiwan and Asia. 3 Hours.

Same as Government 366J. Explore ethnic politics in Taiwan including some comparison with ethnic politics in neighboring countries. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Asian Studies 361 (Topic: Ethnic Polit in Taiwan/Asia), 361F, Government 365L (Topic: Ethnic Polit in Taiwan/Asia), 366J. Prerequisite: Six semester hours of lower-division coursework in Government.

Bachelor of Journalism

Undergraduate ethics flag; and one course with an...from Journalism 360F , 160G , 361F , 362F , 363D , 363F...

Bachelor of Science in Physics


...must be chosen from an approved list available...337C , 337F , 337G , 361E , 361F , and 336P Enough...