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ANS 361P ANS 361P. Africa and Indian Ocean World. 3 Hours.

Same as African and African Diaspora Studies 352L and History 350L (Topic 96). Explore the connected histories of the geographical regions and economic communities that share the littoral space of the Indian Ocean. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: African and African Diaspora Studies 352L, 374C (Topic: Africa/Indian Ocean World), Asian Studies 361 (Topic: Africa/Indian Ocean World), 361P, History 350L (Topic: Africa/Indian Ocean World), 350L (Topic 96). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health



...in Public Health), or An alternative cumulative, integrative...courses: Public Health 341R , 361P , 362 , 364 , 365...