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ANS 374C ANSĀ 374C. Buddhist Art. 3 Hours.

Same as Art History 348N and Religious Studies 341T. Explores the development of Buddhist art in South Asia, the land of its origin as well as its spread elsewhere. Focus on the question of "what is" Buddhist art. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Art History 348N, 372 (Topic: Buddhist Art), Asian Studies 372 (Topic 24), 374C, Religious Studies 341 (Topic 8), 341T.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition


...complete an additional 15 semester hours of supervised practice: Nutrition 345M , 372C , 372F , 374C , and...

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry


...mathematics and physics is an integral part of...Statistics and Data Sciences 374C 8. Enough additional...



...Financial Analysis ), 374S , 374C Six semester hours of coursework in real estate An independent research...

Bachelor of Science in Biology


...Biology Honors Breadth requirement: An honors mathematics course...335 , 352 , 353 , 358 , 374C , 374D , 374E . Two...

Bachelor of Science in Physics


...must be chosen from an approved list available...and Data Sciences 329D , 374C , 374D , 374E Twelve...