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BME 245L BME 245L. Experimental Principles of Biomedical Engineering Design. 2 Hours.

Restricted to biomedical engineering majors. Exploration of biomedical engineering design principles through open-ended, hands-on research applications involving mechanical testing, cell culture, and biomaterials. Analysis and interpretation of experimental data, including written reporting of outcomes in scientific journal format. Two lecture hours and two laboratory hours a week for one semester. Biomedical Engineering 221 and 245L may not both be counted. Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: The following coursework with a grade of at least C-: Biology 206L, Biomedical Engineering 214L, Biomedical Engineering 335 or Mechanical Engineering 335, Biomedical Engineering 344 or Engineering Mechanics 319, and one of the following: Aerospace Engineering 333T, Biomedical Engineering 333T, Chemical Engineering 333T, Civil Engineering 333T, Communication 333T, Electrical and Computer Engineering 333T (or Electrical Engineering 333T), Engineering Studies 333T, Mechanical Engineering 333T, or Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering 333T.