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BME 311 BME 311. Network Analysis in Biomedical Engineering. 3 Hours.

Restricted to biomedical engineering majors. Basic concepts in circuit analysis and design of systems for biomedical engineering; Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's laws, and nodal and loop analysis; Theyenin's and Norton's theorem; operational amplifiers; high-order circuit and basic AC circuit analysis using Fourier and Laplace transforms. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Biomedical Engineering 311, Electrical and Computer Engineering 411, 411H, Electrical Engineering 411. Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: Physics 303K with a grade of at least C-; and credit with a grade of at least C- or registration for: Mathematics 427J and Physics 303L.