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C E 370P C E 370P. Engineering Professionalism. 3 Hours.

Examines professional engineering licensure, ethics, leadership, public service, and public policy, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary perspectives, legal and business considerations, and the importance of lifelong learning. Includes participation in a culminating major design project in public service, reflecting knowledge from technical electives and base level coursework. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Civil Engineering 177K (Topic: Engineering Professionalism), 370P and 171P. Prerequisite: Credit for any three of the following courses: Architectural Engineering 335, 345K, 358, 362L, or 366; Civil Engineering 331, 335, 351, 342, 346, 358, 360K, 362M, 362N, 363, 364, 365K, 366K, 367G, 367P, 367T, 367R, 369L, 369R, 370K, 374L, 374K or 375. Credit for Architectural Engineering 323K, Civil Engineering 321, 324P, 329, 341, 356, and 357.