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CTI 354P CTI 354P. Biblical Prophecy. 3 Hours.

Same as Jewish Studies 363 (Topic 28), Middle Eastern Studies 342 (Topic 37), and Religious Studies 353N. An introduction to the diversity of prophetic literature in the Old Testament, its historical development, social context, and Near Eastern parallels. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Core Texts and Ideas 354P, 375 (Topic: Biblical Prophecy), Jewish Studies 363 (Topic: Biblical Prophecy), 363 (Topic 28), Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures 321 (Topic 24), Middle Eastern Studies 342 (Topic 37), Religious Studies 353 (Topic: Biblical Prophecy), 353N, 361 (Topic: Biblical Prophecy). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.