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CTI 355T CTI 355T. Debating the Bible in the Twenty-First Century. 3 Hours.

Same as American Studies 327J and Religious Studies 346S. Examine the ways in which individuals, primarily in the United States, have regarded the Bible as relevant or irrelevant to contemporary life. Discuss contemporary controversial issues in which the Bible has played a role and how these relate to earlier controversies, such as the position of the Bible on slavery. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: American Studies 327 (Topic: Debating the Bible in 21st Century), 327J, Core Texts and Ideas 355T, 375 (Topic: Debating the Bible in 21st Century), Religious Studies 346 (Topic: Debating the Bible in 21st Century), 346 (Topic 11), 346S. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing; introductory courses in the Hebrew Bible and/or New Testament recommended.