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ECE 445S ECE 445S. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory. 4 Hours.

Explore digital signal processing algorithms; simulation and real-time implementation of audio and communication systems; filters; pulse shaping and matched filters; modulation and demodulation; adaptive filters; carrier recovery; symbol synchronization; equalization; quantization; and data conversion. Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours a week for one semester. Electrical and Computer Engineering 445S and Electrical Engineering 445S may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Electrical and Computer Engineering 312 (or Electrical Engineering 312) or 312H (or Electrical Engineering 312H) and 319K (or Electrical Engineering 319K) or 319H (or Electrical Engineering 319H) with a grade of at least C- in each; Biomedical Engineering 343, Electrical and Computer Engineering 313 (or Electrical Engineering 313), or 313H with a grade of at least C-; credit with a grade of at least C- or registration for Aerospace Engineering 333T, Biomedical Engineering 333T, Chemical Engineering 333T, Civil Engineering 333T, Electrical and Computer Engineering 333T (or Electrical Engineering 333T), Engineering Studies 333T, Mechanical Engineering 333T, or Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering 333T; and credit with a grade of at least C- or registration for Biomedical Engineering 335, Electrical and Computer Engineering 351K (or Electrical Engineering 351K), or 351H.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering



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