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ECE 460N ECE 460N. Computer Architecture. 4 Hours.

Examine characteristics of instruction set architecture and microarchitecture; physical and virtual memory; caches and cache design; interrupts and exceptions; integer and floating-point arithmetic; I/O processing; buses; pipelining, out-of-order execution, branch prediction, and other performance enhancements; design trade-offs; and case studies of commercial microprocessors. Explore behavioral-level design of a microarchitecture in a laboratory setting. Three lecture hours and one-and-one-half laboratory/recitation hours a week for one semester. Electrical and Computer Engineering 460N and Electrical Engineering 460N may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Computer Science 312 or 312H, and 429 or 429H with a grade of at least C- in each; or Electrical and Computer Engineering 306 (or Electrical Engineering 306) or 306H (or Electrical Engineering 306H), 312 (or Electrical Engineering 312) or 312H (or Electrical Engineering 312H), and 319K (or Electrical Engineering 319K) or 319H (or Electrical Engineering 319H) with a grade of at least C- in each.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering



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