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ECE 472L ECE 472L. Network Engineering Laboratory. 4 Hours.

Explore local, metropolitan, and wide-area operations; telecommunication common carrier organizations and services; administrative and political considerations; premise distribution systems; name resolution, address assignment, and mail; datagra,s, packets, frames, and cells; addressing and network-level interconnection; internetwork architecture; TCP/IP protocol suite (v. 4 and 6); Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 standards; IEEE 802.11 standards and wireless access points; repeaters, hubs, bridges, routers; local area network emulation; public switched network access through POTS and ISDN; intradomain and interdomain routing; routing protocols, including RIP, OSPF, and BGP; multicast; media testing; and local- and wide-area diagnostic tools. Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours a week for one semester. Electrical and Computer Engineering 472L and Electrical Engineering 372L may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Electrical and Computer Engineering 372N (or Electrical Engineering 372N) with a grade of at least C-; and credit with a grade of at least C- or registration for Aerospace Engineering 333T, Biomedical Engineering 333T, Chemical Engineering 333T, Civil Engineering 333T, Electrical and Computer Engineering 333T (or Electrical Engineering 333T), Engineering Studies 333T, Mechanical Engineering 333T, or Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering 333T.