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GEO 360G GEO 360G. Construction and Interpretations of 3-D Stratigraphy. 3 Hours.

From Earth surface to subsurface, examines three-dimensional volumes of basin-filling stratigraphy to explore how depositional landscapes are preserved in the sedimentary record and how sedimentary deposits can be analyzed to produce quantitative reconstructions of past environmental states. Data includes both laboratory and industry-grade volumes of stratigraphy. Intended for Earth scientists requiring a quantitative understanding of how the structure of depositional landscapes is translated into subsurface stratigraphy. Three lecture hours and one laboratory hour a week for one semester. Geological Sciences 360G and 371C (Topic: Construction and Interpretation of 3-D Stratigraphy) may not both be counted. May not be substituted for any required geological sciences or environmental sciences course. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing; Geological Sciences 416M or 354 with a grade of at least C-.

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