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GEO 383F GEO 383F. Holocene-Pleistocene Sedimentology and Stratigraphic-Structural Evolution of the Caicos Platform. 3 Hours.

Investigation of the broad range of depositional environments of the Caicos Platform through mapping exercises using state of the art digital imagery and lidar datasets, lab exercises, core workshops and a week-long field trip. Study of the evolution of the Caicos Platform carbonate system from modern sediments to complex stratigraphic records including grain types, sedimentary structures, and facies successions from the tidal flats, salinas, high-energy shoreline, and grainy back reef environments. Two lecture hours and two laboratory hours a week for one semester; field trip to Caicos Platform also required. Geological Sciences 383F and 291 (Topic: Sedimentol of Caicos Platform) may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, and Geological Sciences 383M or 383N.