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GER 322E GER 322E. Conversation and Composition: Contemporary Controversies. 3 Hours.

Explore contemporary and often controversial issues confronting German-speaking populations (such as migration) through readings and diverse media texts. Produce oral and written work for specific audiences and purposes (recommendations, comparisons, evaluations), with a review of advanced grammar resources. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: German 322E, 330C, 331L. Prerequisite: German 612, 312L, or 312W with a grade of at least C.




German 322D Three semester hours:   German 322E Nine semester hours from  German 342K ,  343K ,  344K ,  347L , or  348D   Six semester hours from  German 363K ,  369 , 373 , or  379   Three semester hours of any upper-division German or German, Scandinavian, and Dutch studies course.