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GER 342K GER 342K. Middle Ages-Early Modern Era Cultural History. 3 Hours.

Explore the cultural, social, and literary history of German-speaking Europe from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern period. Focus on central themes from the periods of humanism, the Reformation, absolutism, and early Enlightenment (between 1200 and 1750) in German-speaking Europe. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. German 340C and 342K may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Three semester hours of upper-division coursework in German with a grade of at least C.




German 322D Three semester hours:   German 322E Nine semester hours from  German 342K ,  343K ,  344K ,  347L , or  348D   Six semester hours from  German 363K ,  369 , 373 , or  379   Three semester hours of any upper-division German or German, Scandinavian, and Dutch studies course.