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GSD 341D GSD 341D. Social Dramas of Henrik Ibsen. 3 Hours.

Same as Comparative Literature 323 (Topic 17), European Studies 347 (Topic 12), and Women's and Gender Studies 345 (Topic 14). A detailed introduction to Ibsen's social dramas (1877-1899), emphasizing their unity as a prolonged commentary on the society of his era and the variety of its human problems. Special emphasis on subjects such as: the family and the home; the public world of reputation, work, and citizenship; the predicaments of men and women in a male-dominated society; and the motives of our interventions into the lives of others. Only one of the following may be counted: Comparative Literature 323 (Topic: Social Dramas of Henrik Ibsen), 323 (Topic 17), English 322 (Topic 17), European Studies 347 (Topic: Social Dramas of Henrik Ibsen), 347 (Topic 12), German, Scandinavian, and Dutch Studies 341D, Women's and Gender Studies 345 (Topic 14). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.