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HIS 302C HISĀ 302C. Introduction to China. 3 Hours.

Same as Asian Studies 302C. Introduction to Chinese civilization, past and present, including religion, literature, arts, philosophy, and history. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Asian Studies 302C, History 302C, 306N (Topic: Introduction to China).

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


...301C , and 302 or 302C Physics 303K and...placed on probation if his or her grade...

Admission and Registration


...Chemistry 301 , 301C , 302 , 302C , Physics 303K , and mathematics courses, his or her University...

Canfield Business Honors Program


...from the program if his or her overall...this requirement. Social Science 302C , 302D , 302E , and...

Minor and Certificate Programs


...363M , and Geological Sciences 302C . The remaining nine...below receives recognition on his or her University...

Bachelor of Business Administration


...the courses required for his or her major...this requirement. Social Science 302C , 302D , 302E , 302F...

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering


...that are appropriate to his or her career...this requirement. Social Science 302C , 302D , 302E , and...

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