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HIS 319D HIS 319D. The Ancient Mediterranean World. 3 Hours.

Same as Ancient History and Classical Civilization 319D and Classical Civilization 319D. Survey of the ancient Mediterranean from ca. 3000 BC to AD 476. Focus on the development of ideas and institutions in the Greek and Roman worlds and on the active cultural exchange among the diverse civilizations of the broader region that shaped Greek and Roman history and cultural identity. Three lecture hours or two lecture hours and one discussion hour a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Ancient History and Classical Civilization 319 (Topic 1), 319D, European Studies 301 (Topic: Ancient Mediterranean World), 306 (Topic: Ancient Mediterranean World), Middle Eastern Studies 310 (Topic: Ancient Mediterranean World), Classical Civilizations 319D, History 319D.

Bachelor of Music



...348 , 349 , 343J , and 319D ; majors and principals...present a recital of his or her works...