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HIS 366E HISĀ 366E. Restitution and Restorative Justice after the Holocaust. 3 Hours.

Same as European Studies 346 (Topic 35), Jewish Studies 364 (Topic 17), and Middle Eastern Studies 343 (Topic 17). Examine attempts to find a measure of justice after the Holocaust. Explore themes of human rights and international law. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: European Studies 346 (Topic: Holocaust/Restitutn/Justice), 346 (Topic 35), History 366E, 366N (Topic: Holocaust/Restitutn/Justice), Jewish Studies 364 (Topic: Holocaust/Restitutn/Justice), 364 (Topic 17), Middle Eastern Studies 343 (Topic: Holocaust/Restitutn/Justice), 343 (Topic 17). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.