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MSE 360M MSE 360M. Experiments in Materials Science and Engineering. 3 Hours.

Same as Engineering Studies 360M. Hands-on lab-based course designed to teach practical techniques in the synthesis and characterization of materials and their properties, and to use experiments to explore fundamental and potentially abstract materials concepts. Four-and-one-half laboratory hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Engineering Studies 360M, 377 (Topic: Experiments in Materials Science and Engineering), Materials Science and Engineering 360M. Prerequisite: Chemistry 301, Math 408C, 408D and 427J, and Physics 303K and 303L. For students in majors that offer an introductory materials science and engineering course, it is advised to take it prior to taking this course.

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...three-credit hour, laboratory-based bridge course ( MSE 360M ). The remainder of the required courses...