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PBH 356 PBH 356. Health Behavior Theory and Practice. 3 Hours.

Restricted to public health majors. An introduction to social and behavioral theories that inform the discipline of public health and applied public health practice, including practical examples of how these theories inform and influence health promotion to understand and modify health-related behaviors. Focus on health inequities and inequalities of populations living in the United States and how underlying cultures and social structures impact the health of individuals and communities. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Public Health 356, 368D, or Sociology 368D. Prerequisite: The following coursework with a grade of at least C- in each: Public Health 354, Biology 325, Statistics and Data Sciences 328M.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health


The Bachelor of Science in Public Health prepares graduates for entry-level positions in public health and equips them to pursue certificate and graduate degrees in the field. All of the options offer broad-based training in the five core areas of public health. Option I offers a choice of six areas of specialization.