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PHM 287H PHM 287H. Community Care Clinical Skills. 2 Hours.

Clinical work in a community-based pharmacy practice setting. Includes medication therapy management training, participation in the development of patient care plans, the ability to develop and conduct a public health project, carry out patient exercises, and complete prescription management activities such as patient counseling. For Pharmacy PharmD 287H, 96 hours of fieldwork for one semester, for 387H, 120 hours of fieldwork for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Pharmacy PharmD 284I, 287H and Pharmacy 287H. Offered on the credit/no credit basis only. Prerequisite: Current intern registration with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy; Pharmacy PharmD 195Q (or Pharmacy 163C), 195P (or Pharmacy 163P), 384L (or Pharmacy 364D), 284M (or Pharmacy 266P), 182F (or Pharmacy 172E), 182P (or Pharmacy 172P), 184N (or Pharmacy 176E), 289P (or 277P) and 392P (or Pharmacy 392S).