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PHM 386H PHM 386H. Institutional Clinical Skills. 3 Hours.

Hands-on experience in an institutional practice care facility; examines pharmacy services, hospital pharmacy management, staff interaction, and the flow of information from pharmacy to bedside. Forty hours a week for two weeks. Only one of the following may be counted: Pharmacy PharmD 383I, 386H and Pharmacy 377H. Offered on the credit/no credit basis only. Prerequisite: Current intern registration with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy; and Pharmacy PharmD 287D (or Pharmacy 242D), 281L (or Pharmacy 244C), 181P (or Pharmacy 144P), 195Q (or Pharmacy 163C), 195P (or Pharmacy 163P), 384L (or Pharmacy 364D), 284M (or Pharmacy 266P), 190P (or Pharmacy 171P), 390N (or Pharmacy 371S) , 282D (or Pharmacy 172H), 685E (or Pharmacy 675E), 182P (or Pharmacy 175P), 184N (or Pharmacy 176E) and 289P (or Pharmacy 277P, or 177G and 177P).