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R S 316L R S 316L. Introduction to Religions of Latin America. 3 Hours.

Same as African and African Diaspora Studies 316K and Latin American Studies 316L. Examine a survey of religious practice across Latin America and the Caribbean. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: African and African Diaspora Studies 316K, 317E (Topic: Intro Relig/Lat Amer/Carib), Latin American Studies 310 (Topic: Intro Relig/Lat Amer/Carib), 316L, Religious Studies 316K (Topic: Intro Relig/Lat Amer/Carib), 316L.

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations



To be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, the candidate must complete 120 semester hours of coursework and must fulfill the University's General Requirements for graduation and the  Core Curriculum  requirements, the college graduation requirements, the requirements and policies listed in Academic Policies and Procedures, and the requirements given in Prescribed Work, Major Requirements, and Special Requirements of the Major, below.