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R S 373M R S 373M. Biomedicine, Ethics, and Culture. 3 Hours.

Same as Anthropology 323N and Asian Studies 361 (Topic 29). Examines ethical questions such as the allocation of medical resources, stem cell research and cloning, organ transplantation, abortion, human experimentation, prolonging life and the right to die, suicide, euthanasia, and diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, explored from a global perspective. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Anthropology 323N, 324L (Topic: Biomedicine, Ethics, & Culture), Asian Studies 361 (Topic: Biomedicine, Ethics, & Culture), 361 (Topic 29), Religious Studies 373 (Topic: Biomedicine, Ethics, & Culture), 373M. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.

Religious Studies



Description: This track is designed to give students a comprehensive training in the discipline of Religious Studies. It is intended for students who would plan to pursue career options in Religious Studies, including graduate programs in the study of religion and/or in a theological or seminary setting.