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S W 323K S W 323K. Social Welfare Programs, Policies, and Issues. 3 Hours.

Restricted to social work majors. Analyze contemporary social welfare policy issues and programs and discuss the relationship between social policy and social work practice. Explore the historical, political, economic, and social conditions that influence policy development in the United States. Use policy analysis tools in order to examine how policy influences practice and planning decisions and how social workers can influence social welfare policy. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Prerequisite: Social Work 310, 312, 313, and 325 with a grade of at least a C; one of the following: Educational Psychology 308, 371, Psychology 317, 418, 420M, Statistics and Data Sciences 301, 302, 302F, 309, 320E, Sociology 317L, or Social Work 318 (or Mathematics 316, Statistics and Data Sciences 304, 306, or 328M) with a grade of at least a C; one of the following: Government 310L, 312L, or 306C; three hours of history; and three hours of economics.