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SOC 307F SOCĀ 307F. Diversity in American Families. 3 Hours.

Same as Women's and Gender Studies 301 (Topic 19). Examination of the diversity of American families and current debates on family life from a sociological perspective with an emphasis on how diverse family forms came to exist and what these changes mean for adults and children in contemporary society. Study of recent trends in several aspects of family life, including dating and courtship, cohabitation, marriage, divorce, parenthood, family structure, and work-family balance. Overview of theoretical perspectives on family life with a focus on gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: American Studies 315 (Topic: Diversity in American Families), Sociology 307F, 308 (Topic: Diversity in American Families), Women's and Gender Studies 301 (Topic: Diversity in American Families), 301 (Topic 19).