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TXA 352C TXA 352C. Field Experience in Textile Conservation Internship. 3 Hours.

Participation in an approved internship after completion of all conservation science stream coursework. Students will be placed in an appropriate site under the supervision of an available professional such that students may experience collection management, artifact storage and conservation, exhibit planning/installation, environmental monitoring, and/or other museum or conservation activities. A formal agreement between the faculty supervisor and internship sponsor will govern activities and be monitored throughout the experience through assignments, regular electronic communication, and a site visit. For Textiles and Apparel 352C, a minimum of 150 hours of supervised fieldwork for one semester. For Textiles and Apparel 652C, a minimum of 225 hours of supervised fieldwork for one semester. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing; and Admission to the Conservation Certificate Program, or Textiles and Apparel 219C, 119L, 354C, 354D, 354E, 354F, and 355D, and admission to the Conservation Internship Program for Conservation Science, Option IV major.