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UTS 101 UTSĀ 101. Secondary Teacher Education Preparation: Step 1. 1 Hour.

Introduction to mathematics, computer science, and science teaching as a career. Discussions include standards-based lesson design and various teaching and behavior management strategies. Fieldwork consists of five visits to a local elementary school, including planning and teaching three inquiry-based lessons to students in grades three to six. One and one-half class hours a week for one semester; at least ten hours of fieldwork a semester are also required. Chemistry 107 (Topic: STEP1-UTeach) and UTeach-Natural Sciences 101 may not both be counted.

Chapter 6. Student Organizations

General Information

...General Provisions Sec. 6-101. Definitions Sec. 6...mail address, public username (UT EID), and telephone...

Chapter 13. Speech, Expression, and Assembly

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Sec. 13-101. Freedom of Speech, Expression, and...regarding expressive activities at UT Austin. Any program...

Chapter 11. Student Discipline and Conduct

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...General Provisions Sec. 11-101. Preamble Sec. 11...conjunction with application to UT Austin, a minimum...

Chapter 9. Educational Records

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...General Provisions Sec. 9-101. Purpose Sec. 9...addresses, electronic mail addresses, UT EID, telephone listing...

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...All students in these field experience courses, ( UTS 101 , 110 , 211 [restricted to students on...

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...and International Admissions Center, UT Administration Building 4...Graduate School, Main Building 101, (512) 232-3603...