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WGS 335C WGS 335C. Queer Media Studies. 3 Hours.

Same as Radio-Television-Film 359S (Topic 5). Critical analysis of queer media. Read key queer (media) theory texts and explore dominant strategies used by the media industries, as well as those utilized by LGBTQ+ independents/subcultures, paying close attention to contested discourses of identity, politics, activism and desire. Explore historical shifts in the representation of LGBTQ+ individuals. Three lecture hours and one two-and-one-half-hour film screening a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Radio-Television-Film 359S (Topic: Queer Media Studies), 359S (Topic 5), 377H (Topic: Queer Media Studies), 377H (Topic 2), Women's and Gender Studies 324 (Topic: Queer Media Studies), 335 (Topic 16), 335C. Prerequisite: Fifty-four semester hours of college coursework.