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HIS 340U HIS 340U. The Cultural Outsider: Memoirs of East Asia. 3 Hours.

Same as Asian Studies 379 (Topic 11). Focus is on the cultural outsider's perceptions of East Asia in greater "travel" dating from as early as Marco Polo up to works published in contemporary America. Selected memoirs and travelogues are presented from the perspective of the cultural outsider, written by missionaries, colonizers, journalists, POW's, scholars, students, and tourists. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Asian Studies 379 (Topic: Cul Outsider: Memoirs/E Asia), 379 (Topic 11), History 340U, 364G (Topic: Cul Outsider: Memoirs/E Asia). Prerequisite: For Asian studies majors, twelve semester hours of upper-division coursework in Asian studies; for others, upper-division standing.