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MAN 327E MAN 327E. New Venture Mechanics. 3 Hours.

Starting up a new venture involves a wide range of decisions, activities, and processes such as those involved in identifying the potential of an idea, developing and protecting an idea, building a new venture team, creating a business plan, obtaining resources, and establishing a business entity. Covers the basic analytical tools and processes involved in all these aspects of founding a new business. Three lecture hours a week for one semseter. Management 327E and 337 (Topic: New Venture Mechanics) may not both be counted. Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: Management 327 or 327H; twenty-four semester hours of college credit.

Bachelor of Business Administration



...major. Management (Entrepreneurship Track) MAN 336 , MAN 327 , MAN 327E , MAN 374 , and six additional...




...Degree Requirements Management 328 MAN 337 (Topic 7...327 or 327H Management 327E Three semester hours...