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ECE 464H ECE 464H. Honors Senior Design Project. 4 Hours.

Implement the previously developed engineering system design, including design review, prototyping, project testing and any subsequent design modifications; addressing economic, environmental, ethical, safety, and social issues; documentation of each of the preceding and publicly presenting design results; and working effectively in teams. Three lecture hours and six laboratory hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Electrical and Computer Engineering 464H, 464K, 464R, 464S, Electrical Engineering 464H, 464K, 464R, 464S. Prerequisite: Electrical and Computer Engineering 364D (or Electrical Engineering 364D) with a grade of at least C-, and one of the following with a grade of at least C-: Electrical and Computer Engineering 438 (or Electrical Engineering 438), 440 (or Electrical Engineering 440), 445L (or Electrical Engineering 445L), 445S (or Electrical Engineering 445S), 460J (or Electrical Engineering 460J), 461L (or Electrical Engineering 461L), 462L (or Electrical Engineering 462L), 468L, 471C (or Electrical Engineering 471C).

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering



...hour upper-division ECE honors course, ECE 364D , and ECE 464H . Approved ECE graduate courses...

Canfield Business Honors Program



...the ECE Honors program include: Electrical and Computer Engineering 312H and 464H . Approved ECE Graduate...